Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Dr. Francisco Delgado (far left front) with staff
and IEF's Raheem Rahmathullah (far right)


The International Eye Foundation and Vision for the Poor are proud to announce the opening of a new social enterprise eye clinic in Managua, Nicaragua.  The grand opening of Clinica Oftalmologica Ojo Sano will be Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 10 a.m. 

Representatives from the Nicaragua and Managua Ministries of Health have been invited along with representatives from the office of the US Ambassador to Nicaragua.  Representatives from the local Rotary International club, local Lions Clubs International, International Eye Foundation, Vision for the Poor, Visualiza (Guatemala), along with Mario Secasa representing Future of Nicaragua will be present.

A joint partnership of the International Eye Foundation (IEF) and Vision for the Poor has worked for over a year with Dr. Francisco Abraham Delgado Dolmus to establish this new social enterprise eye clinic serving all segments of the population in and around the capital Managua, Nicaragua.  Dr. Delgado, a senior ophthalmologist with 20 years experience practicing in the government and private sectors, founded the Fundación Oftalmológica Nicaragüense de Prevención de Ceguera (FONIPRECE) and will be Chief Ophthalmologist for Clinica Oftalmologica Ojo Sano.  With private, fee paying and social services, the new clinic will have a sliding fee structure allowing revenue for sustainability and to cross-subsidize services for the poor who cannot pay.  Providing quality Ophthalmic and Optical services to residents of Managua as well as patients from surrounding rural areas, the clinic will be staffed by Nicaraguan ophthalmologists who are there full time.

Fee paying (for profit) services will offset the cost of the social services and by the end of three years, the clinic will be self-sustaining reducing the need for outside funding for core costs.  This demonstrated, verifiable approach to affordable eye care for all is working successfully in 17 countries with IEF’s 29 current sustainability partners.  The clinic in Managua will adhere to the same management and organizational principles.  IEF gratefully acknowledges grant support for this program from the Lavelle Fund for the Blind.